Club Honour Boards

Honour Board
In memory of Dean Tortarella (1973 – 1997)

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
2022 Z Martin P Nguyen S Williams S Davies
2021 Z Martin P Nguyen S Williams S Davies
2020 Z Martin P Nguyen S Williams S Davies
2019 T Lonergan E Prato H Taylor F Bailey
2018 T Lonergan F Saxton H Taylor F Bailey
2017 T Lonergan F Saxton B Mawby R Walker
2016 E Brodie J Parker B Mawby R Walker
2015 E Brodie J Parker B Mawby J Scoberg
2014 E Brodie N Hudson B Mawby J Blackburn
2013 Z Martin R Bryson B Mawby J Blackburn
2012 Z Martin R Bryson S Dowling J Blackburn
2011 Z Martin J Heyning S Dowling J Blackburn
2010 Z Martin J Heyning S Dowling J Blackburn
2009 M Stewart Z Martin S Dowling B Blackburn
2008 T Collison M Stewart S Dowling B Blackburn
2007 T Collison P Smith S Dowling B Blackburn
2006 T Collison S Dowling B Blackburn
2005 A Taylor S Castles L Street B Blackburn
2004 A Taylor S Castles L Street & S McCleary B Golder
2003 S McCleary A Taylor S Burt & S McCleary I Edgar
2002 A Morphet D Sheedy S Burt & S McCleary I Edgar
2001 A Morphet D Sheedy S Burt & S McCleary P Kang
2000 B Golder T Dowling S McCleary D Price
1999 B Golder T Dowling S McCleary D Price
1998 M Wilcox T Dowling B Golder K Ooi
1997 C Keating J Glide B Golder M Davoli
1996 G Grouios B Golder M Davoli
1995 G Grouios B Golder J O’Sullivan
1994 C Keating M Ardern & B Golder T Lonergan
1993 M Godfrey T Lonergan F Bastian
1992 M Godfrey T Lonergan P Burak
1991 A Glide T Lonergan R Cosgrave
1990 A Glide P Burke B Cooper R Cosgrave
1989 P Burke A Glide D Truscott
1988 C Cameron P Burke A Glide D Truscott
1987 C Cameron C Keating M Davoli
1986 P Burke B Mackie, M Ross & T Bate C Keating A Leighton
1985 B Mackie D De Silva J Walker M Davoli
1984 D De Silva D Nielsen J Walker C Keating
1983 C West P Shackleton M Curtain
1982 D Nielsen P Shackleton A Leighton
1981 D Nielsen P Shackleton & C West S Keeffe J Lindross
1980 M Broadhurst & P Woodman S Keeffe N Cailles & S Keeffe
1979 M Broadhurst R Erickson & R Smith J Brouwer
1978 D Norman R Erickson D Jessup
1977 P Brooks D Jessup T Graddon
1976 D Vanden Dreisen R Peebles T Graddon
1975 K Lander M Broadhurst N MacMillan M Viney
1974 M Broadhurst I Greenwood G Guy
1973 B Crowley
1972 J Murray B Crowley, G Donnelly & S Watson M Broadhurst G Clay
1971 G Donnelly J Shovelton & K Jervis B Crowley D Vanden Dreisen
1970 J Shovelton S Watson N MacMillan
1969 K Jervis N Oddie & J Shovelton S Har Ong
1968 S Watson S Har Ong
1967 H Colebatch S Watson S Har Ong


Men’s 1s Best & Fairest
David Pullar Shield
Women’s 1s Best & Fairest
Kizanne Davies Shield
Clubperson of the Year
Alan Glide Cup
2021 C Willis K Offer S Dowling & P Nguyen
2020 C Cameron
2019 E Jeffrey K Offer E Prato
2018 W Erickson M McGlone F Bailey
2017 J Thompson H Willmott M Matthews & P Burak
2016 S Castles J Baars F Bailey & P Comitti
2015 F Poynter E Brodie B Mawby
2014 C Vaughan S Gunn E Brodie
2013 L Rothwell M Smith P Nguyen
2012 L Rothwell M McGlone Z Martin & R Bannan
2011 D Usher M McGlone Z Martin
2010 C Hanna R Bannan T Dowling & E Brodie
2009 T Hunt M McGlone T Dowling
2008 J Heyning M McGlone T Dowling
2007 R Diffey M McGlone T Dowling
2006 W Oliver R Bannan T Collison
2005 W Oliver M Smith S Boyd
2004 W Oliver M Smith P Smith & S Castles
2003 D Sheedy M McGlone S McCleary
2002 P Kerr M McGlone T Dowling
2001 S Shade A Taylor A Morphet
2000 P Kerr K Palmer S McCleary
1999 A Morphet T Young T Dowling
1998 G Van Meeuwen A Tartakover S McCleary
1997 S Woodward W Geddes B Golder & C Keating
1996 S Woodward K Davies S Norie
1995 G Van Meeuwen K Davies M Godfrey
1994 M Wilcox K Davies B Golder
1993 P Kerr K Davies M Godfrey & T Lonergan
1992 G Van Meeuwen P Burak
1991 S Woodward A Glide
1990 C Keating R Cosgrave
1989 A Glide A Glide
1988 C Cameron P Burke
1987 B Ryan C Cameron
1986 M Davoli K Bannan
1985 M Molony M Davoli
1984 C Cameron J Walker
1983 J Walker D Nielsen
1982 C Cameron P Shackleton
1981 P Shackleton M Molo
1980 C West S Keeffe
1979 I Williams M Broadhurst
1978 P Brooks R Smith
1977 G Guy D Norman
1976 M Guy P Brooks
1975 G Guy
1974 I Greenwood
1973 M Broadhurst
1972 R Peebles
1971 R Johnson
1970 K Jervis
1969 J Murray
1968 P Dowling

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Men’s 2s Best & Fairest
Bruce Mackie Shield
Women’s 2s Best & Fairest
Belinda Blackburn Shield
Leading Goal Scorer
George Grouios Shield
Junior Club Champion
2021 A Rowcroft T Stuart M Lendon (20 goals) M Money
2019 A Dinsdale T Stuart T Paulson (47) S Bernardi
2018 N Muirhead J Zhuo R Diffey (24)
2017 S Castles M Coote D Usher (37)
2016 D Usher T Morphet D Usher (26)
2015 M Bowes A Farkas G Van Meeuwen (33)
2014 R James P Smith & A Farkas R Diffey (31)
2013 R Smith A Warwick G Svigos (26)
2012 T Hunt E Brodie R Diffey (42)
2011 R Glide A Taylor D Usher (60)
2010 R Glide A Taylor R Diffey (28)
2009 M Jenkins E Brodie R Diffey (25)
2008 Z Martin T Collison G Van Meeuwen (22)
2007 S Hatcher M Sarvos G Van Meeuwen (36)
2006 T Dowling A Clarke G Van Meeuwen (36)
2005 L Sawbridge B Brewster (20)
2004 R Walker M Wilcox (21)
2003 R Glide B Brewster (33)
2002 M Lendon (31)
2001 L Cadman M Lendon (31)
2000 C Sibson W Cameron (33)
1999 M Bald (18)
1998 W Hutton
1997 T Lambert
1996 R Glide
1994 J Glide
1993 S Hatcher
1992 P Burke
1991 P Burke & R Cosgrave
1990 J Crawford
1989 M Molony
1988 A Glide
1987 D Cameron
1986 T Gray
1985 M Ross
1984 B Mackie

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La Trobe University Women’s Hockey Club
In 2020 the club sought to capture the overlooked history of the Women’s Club prior to the merge in 1991. This is the Honour Board we’ve been able to recover so far.

President Secretary Treasurer
1990 K McCann
1989 H Wenk
1988 K Macleod H Wenk
1987 H Wenk
No Winter Season
1982 K Walters K Walters G Shepherd
1981 K Walters K Walters G Shepherd
1980 K Walters K Walters K Walters
1975 J Sloan E Lander A Williamson
1974 J Sloan R Kabi A Williamson
1973 R Kabi A Williamson
1972 J Robinson A Stubbe L Cecil
1971 H Thompson E Pendleton A Robb
1970 K Ould E Pendleton
1969 M Sharp E Pendleton C Duffield
1968 S Milburn L Hutchinson J Manis
1967 M Bassett M Bassett

Life Members

For outstanding service and commitment to the La Trobe University Hockey Club

1972 Doug Henderson
1974 Steve Watson
1987 Ross Erickson
1990 Peter Shackleton
1993 Pat Burke
1998 Charlie Keating
2001 Peter Burak
2002 Belinda Blackburn (nee Golder)
2005 Stuart McCleary
2006 Travis Dowling
2007 Craig Cameron
2007 Michael Godfrey
2011 Michael Wilcox
2011 Sarah Dowling
2012 Greg Van Meeuwen
2014 Tim Lonergan
2014 Maurice Davoli
2015 James Blackburn
2019 Zac Martin

President’s Plate
For a lifetime of dedication to the La Trobe University Hockey Club

2012 Ross Erickson

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