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Uni Games Team

La Trobe University annually sends a Men’s and Women’s team to Southern University Games (SUGs) and to Australian University Games (AUGs).

You don’t have to play at La Trobe University Hockey Club to play at Uni Games, only be at La Trobe. For example, players from Melbourne, Albury, Mildura and Bendigo campuses have all played in previous years. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join the team and depending on numbers, we may need to have trials.

The 2016 Australian University Games will be held in Perth September 2016 and Southern University Games will be held in Melbourne in July 2016.

Uni Games is an excellent way to put your skills against universities all over Australia and its a great week away with mates and to make new friends from La Trobe and other universities. The social side of Uni Games is just as important as the playing side and you will have a blast and make some great friends for life. Our teams have great team traditions, on and off the field, setting our team apart from our Universities.

Previously we’ve had state players represent La Trobe University and they’ve rated the experience as good as representing their state. Players need not worry about any conflicting commitments with Premier League or VicLeauge, National Under 21s or AHL competitions as Uni Games falls outside of these time periods and all state (and national) players have been released for both events in the past for all universities.

Please contact Tom Davey (Men)  tomdavey089@gmail.com or Georgia Morsley (Women) gfmorsley@students.latrobe.edu.au for further information.

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