Australian Masters win Gold Medal at World Cup

The club would like to congratulate the Australian Over 50s Masters and our own club legend Greg Van Meeuwen on winning the gold medal against a strong Netherlands team.

In scorching hot weather in the picturesque Terrassa Spain, the boys went undefeated during the tournament.
The final went down to the dying minutes with the Dutch scoring a late goal, leaving the final 5 minutes a nerve racking one for the Aussies, but the boys held onto a 2-1 win. Greg was excellent during the week with his trademark run and carry in the midfield, setting up numerous goals. Unsurprisingly, he also led the team’s card count.

“This is the second best moment of my career after going viral on social media 3 days ago and having more social media likes than all my three children combined. Not many people can have 10,000 views on social media and win a gold medal in the same week.”

Greg was well supported during the week by LTUHC’s number one WAG, Sue and also had La Trobe’s UK based players, Phil, Glenn and Ali come to support the team.

Congratulations Greg on the gold and we can’t wait to have you back at the club to lead the Men and Masters in their finals campaign later this month.


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