La Trobe University Hockey Club Joins Australian Sports Foundation


The La Trobe University Hockey Club is pleased to announced it has been registered as a fundraising partner of the Australian Sports Foundation.

The ASF work closely with sports clubs of all sizes to raise funds that further develop sport in the country. In the 2015/16 finance year more than $31 million was raised through the ASF and contributed back toward sporting communities.

As a registered fundraising partner, the La Trobe University Hockey Club is now eligible to accept donations, whereby the donor receives a tax deduction for their contribution.

This is an exciting development for the Club, and one of many ways we are continuing to ensure our financial stability and growth in the years to come. Next year the Club will celebrate its 50th Anniversary, and with this will be the launch of an annual Coterie membership. More information regarding this project will be released in the new year.

For information about the Coterie, or how to make a tax deductible donation to the Club through the ASF, please contact the President.

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