Gunners Win Second Flag for 2016 in Masters 35s


Masters 35s B North West Premiers 2016

Last night saw the La Trobe University Hockey Club pick up its second flag for the 2016 season. Following a hugely successful year for our Under 12s, at the other end of the club were our Masters 35s playing against Powerhouse for the Premiership.

The lads were under pressure heading into the game, having first faced them to what Captain Ash Morphet later described as “a flogging”, and in the second game finishing with a draw.

But the mighty Gunners proved stronger on the night, defensively very composed, despite repeated attacks and constant pressure from the Powerhouse forward line. Through the middle the lads’ many years of playing together was evident, combined with speed across the board. Late in the second half Dush scored in a “classic Dush” run around the keeper.


Captain Ash Morphet

Powerhouse equalised not long into the second half, but Captain Ash Morphet put the season away with a very composed drag flick on a short to seal the deal.

The year has been a historic one for the La Trobe University Hockey Club, for the first time entering three teams into the Masters division. This is one of many additions over the past half decade across the club, with huge growth in our Seniors and more recently the launch of our Juniors program which continues to go from strength-to-strength.




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