Gunners Win Big at 2014 Blue Awards

Each year La Trobe University holds the Blue Awards, an event to officially recognise those who have demonstrated sporting excellence and outstanding service to the University sporting community.

The La Trobe University Hockey Club has a long history of success at the annual awards night, with twelve Outstanding Service and three Sporting Excellence Blue Awards to date. At the 2014 Blue Awards Night this increased to thirteen and four respectively, with the University recognising Meryl McGlone and Xavier McBain.

Meryl McGlone was awarded the Outstanding Service Blue Award for years of dedication to the club, spanning across not only many years of on field leadership and success but playing a key role in the development of the women’s side of the club. In 2007 she took on the Women’s Manager role, and since has continued to be involved including sitting as the club’s representative for the Hockey Victoria Advisory Board in 2012 and 2013.

Xavier McBain joined the club in 2013 and immediately walked into the Men’s 1s and helped take the team to finals. Despite being the youngest on the team at only 18 years of age, he played a critical role in the team’s success and was awarded the club’s Most Improved.

On the back of excellent club form and a dominate performance representing his home region Goulburn Valley, Xavier was chosen in the Victorian Under 21 squad, following his Under 18 selection whilst in high school. Later in 2014, Xavier went on to represent the Vic Country team in Toowoomba where the Victorians won bronze. He was the youngest member of the team and was thrust into the midfield where he played the entire week against the some of the best in the country.

Congratulations to both Meryl and Xavier on their awards.

Outstanding Service
2013 – Lindsay Cook
2013 – Paige Smith
2012 – James Blackburn
2012 – Moz Davoli
2012 – Andrew Glide
2011 – Michael Wilcox
2010 – Sarah Dowling
2009 – Belinda ‘Gus’ Blackburn
2009 – Travis Dowling
2007 – Greg Van Meeuwen
2006 – Stu ‘Disco’ McCleary
1999 – Belinda ‘Gus’ Blackburn

Sporting Excellence
2014 – Xavier McBain (Half Blue)
2011 – David Usher (High Achiever University Community)
2006 – Warrick Oliver (Full Blue)
2004 – Warrick Oliver (Half Blue)

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