Gunners Moves to Grey Shorts

Vice President Phil Nguyen and President Zac Martin, first in line to wear the new grey shorts.

In 2022 the La Trobe University Hockey Club will begin to transition its Men’s Seniors and Masters from white to grey shorts.

“We didn’t make the decision lightly to change more than 50 years of tradition, but in 2021 it didn’t make sense that our Men and Women play in different uniforms” said President Zac Martin. “Men and Women will now have the choice to play in either shorts or skorts.”

This brings the Men’s Seniors and Masters in line with Juniors and Women who have been playing in grey for decades.

Men’s Vic League and Reserves will move to grey shorts before the start of the 2022 season, with the remainder of the club before 2023. To assist members in the transition, shorts will be sold at a discounted price of $35 until Round 1 2022.

The decision coincides with the appointment of BLK as the club’s preferred supplier, which will see a price reduction across uniform. Shirts will drop from $58 to $40, shorts from $50 to $42 (on sale at $35 until Round 1), skorts from $50 to $42, and socks from $15 to $14.

Members can buy grey shorts through our online store.

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