Hockey Returns for 2020

Following the disruption to the 2020 season with COVID-19, we’re pleased to announce hockey is back!

June 22nd

  • Juniors begin training ‘back to normal’.
  • Clubrooms may be opened for up to 20 people at a time.
  • Spectators/parents allowed for training and games, but must spread out.

July 13th

  • Seniors begin training ‘back to normal’.
  • Season begins for Juniors.

July 20th

  • Season begins for Seniors, Masters & Open

Fixtures will run for 12 rounds, plus 2 weeks of finals. If there are no disruptions, the intention is to have finals complete by 25th of October.

Vic League fixtures will be released 29th June. All other grades released w/c 13th July.
Juniors will be regraded after Round 3. Juniors will not play in the middle weekend of school holidays, all other grades will.


  • Face masks cannot be used by more than one person, and must be labelled/coloured. Face masks must also be cleaned after each game – Team Admins/Captains will be responsible for this. HV recommends at least five masks per game.
  • For Juniors only, substitution will be allowed if 4 of your 5 ‘allocated’ mask wearers are not on the field to defend a short corner.
  • Spitting and blowing your nose while on-field is now a cardable offence (finally!)
  • For Seniors only, all games will run in 17 minute quarters. Half time is a 5 minute break, first and third break are 2 minutes. Juniors, Master and Open remain halves.

With a shorter season, and many of you affected by COVID-19, we’ve done everything we can to reduce costs this year. But we’re also trying to balance sponsors withdrawing and lost revenue on canteen and social events.

We are pleased to be able to provide Juniors with a $50 discount, Seniors with a $75 discount and Masters/Open with a $50 discount. For more information please see 2020 Fees. If you have already paid and would like a refund on the difference, please contact treasurer@latrobeunihockey. Some members have kindly donated the difference, we really appreciate it.

As always, payment plans are available. If you need further support, please talk to us. We don’t bite.

In the next week we need to submit teams to HV, please help us by:

If you are playing, let us know! If you are not playing, let us know! Check out the Member Handbook for more information about the season.

And lastly, our Coterie is still open for another week – contributions like these are more important than ever. If you’ve ever considered joining, now is the perfect time.

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