Intervarsity Games 1967

Edward Stanley at the Club’s inaugural Intervarsity Games

The story of the Club’s first team, as told by foundation member Edward Stanley.

Captured above by the Canberra Times on August 17, 1967 is a rare moment in the Club’s early history – our first ever team. Playing in the Gunners’ first Intervarsity Games (later renamed Uni Games), founding member Edward Stanley shares the details:

“I’m sorry to say we were slaughtered in the carnival. We won nil and score a total of two goals, one to yours truly –  the first for La Trobe I think in Intervarsity competition!”

“The picture has been defaced a bit because I immodestly sent a copy to my mum with “Me” and an arrow scrawled on it.”

We would appear a few more times in Canberra Times, including a Premiership photo from 1977 and a drawn result from 1978.