Heritage Playing Shirt and Salad Servers

The history of our original playing shirt and the notorious salad servers, as told by Life Member Craig Cameron.

In 1967, the club’s establishing year, we sent our first team to Intervarsity Games, now known as University Games.

John Storen, a student a La Trobe, was among those who attended. Like most of the history at the club, no records have been kept but Storen claims to be the first goal scorer at an IV for La Trobe, and therefore it is now history.

During the week, John famously ‘found in his luggage’ a set of salad servers from Burton Hall at ANU, which are still in the clubrooms to this day.

John would later go on to become a life member at Yarra Valley Hockey Club.

John donated his original playing shirt and the salad servers to the club, which remain the club’s oldest artefacts.

The Red V playing shirt was used until 1975 before we borrowed the colours and cannon from Arsenal. In 2017, celebrating our 50th Anniversary, the club reintroduced the heritage shirt as merchandise.

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