Gunners Internship Open for 2022

Open to members aged 14 to 16 (as of January 1st), the Gunners Internship offers a behind-the-scenes experience in the running of the club, and an opportunity to contribute to the success of the volunteer organisation.

The internship provides first hand experience in how decisions are made and how the club operates. You’ll be given the opportunity to contribute, with a particular focus on enhancing the junior experience and off-field activities. This is also an excellent chance to develop networks and receive constructive feedback. Upon completing the internship, you will receive a letter of recommendation from the President.

The successful applicant will be invited to Board meetings throughout the year, who meet every four to six weeks. Meetings take place during the week at 7pm, on rotating days. We expect half of these meetings to take place over Zoom, the other half out for dinner in the northern suburbs.

In addition to attending meetings, you’ll be briefed on a handful of small projects throughout the year, which you can complete in your own time to present back to the Board.

Alex Wisbey, our inaugural Gunners Intern in 2021, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the Board, it was a new side to the hockey club I had not experienced before. It really showed me how much work was going on behind the scenes. The Committee was friendly and made sure I was comfortable and felt like I could contribute.”

This is a great opportunity for students looking to build out their resume or future university applications.

To apply, please complete the Gunners Internship Application prior to March 14th.

For questions about the internship, please contact

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