Committee Restructure for 2020

At the September Committee meeting the Board unanimously passed a motion to restructure the Board and Committee for the 2020 season and beyond.

Until recently the club has operated on a model developed when we were only a few teams, and needed only a handful of volunteers. Over the decades the club has grown substantially, this year fielding 21 teams and programs. Our priorities have also evolved, with a significant portion of membership now being made up of Masters and Juniors.

To better plan for the club’s future, a revised Committee structure was required, reflecting and supporting our growth, while also enabling better decision making and a separation of strategic and operational activities.

See the 2020 Committee Structure.

Under the restructure, as per the Club’s Constitution, seven key roles will continue to be elected by members, which will make up the Board in 2020. These roles have been revised, merging the Men’s and Seniors Managers into a single Seniors Director, and welcoming a Masters Director. The Board’s focus becomes strategic, long term and club-wide.

Under each of the three Directors (Seniors, Juniors and Masters) sits a sub committee, made up of varying Coordinators to deliver on the day-to-day operations of the club. Along side this are a number of general committee members, who report in to the Vice President.

A number of new roles have been identified, particularly across Juniors where substantial support is needed – many hands make light work.

In total there are more than 42 roles to be filled, which does not include Coaches, Captains or Team Administrators. We are always looking for people to join the leadership, and there are now many ways in which you can assist. If you are interested in putting up your hand up for 2020, please get in touch to discuss which roles may be relevant, and what’s required. (We’re currently developing Position Descriptions.)

If you have any questions regarding the restructure, please contact us, otherwise we hope to see you at the AGM on October 26th.

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