Zac Martin Awarded Outstanding Service


Zac Martin accepts Outstanding Service at the La Trobe University Blue Awards

The Blue Awards are an annual ceremony held by the La Trobe University, of which the Hockey Club has been a part of for nearly 50 years. The event officially recognises those who have demonstrated sporting excellence and outstanding service to the University sporting community.

The Club’s deep heritage, strength of talent on field and incredible volunteer membership mean the La Trobe University Hockey Club often dominates the evening, and this year saw Zac Martin recognised with an Outstanding Service award, one of only two given on the night.

Zac Martin joined the La Trobe University Hockey Club in 2007 at age 17. Over the past ten years he has become an important and respected figure at the club, enjoying success on the field, winning a Best & Fairest Award and being awarded Club Captaincy – currently captaining the Men’s Metro A side. But it was off the field where Zac excelled most, having a significant impact at the club in various roles on and off the Executive Committee.

In 2009, at just 19 years old, Zac stepped into the role of Vice President and Chairman of the Executive. He would move into the President’s role in 2010 and remain there for a further three years.

Along with a more strategic approach to governing and fresh ideas, Zac lead the Club to enjoy its most successful time in history. In 2009 and 2011 the Men’s 1s won premierships and were promoted from State League 5 to VicLeague 1. The broader club picked up six additional premierships, including the Women’s 1s who advanced from State League 3 to VicLeague 1.

Zac’s growth strategy saw the club grow from six teams to eleven during his time on the Executive, as well as the launch of a Juniors program which has seen continous growth every year since. He also put in the foundations for a growing Masters program, bridged connections with University Games and coached the Men’s team in Perth at the Australian University Games in 2010.

As the club expanded his professionalism and vision helped to implement new policies, and update the Club’s Constitution to be in line with government regulations. These new policies and regulations saw the club rewarded with the Good Sports Victoria Club of the Year award in 2012. He also worked behind the scenes to develop the Club’s first Strategic Plan for future sustainable success.

Zac was awarded Clubman of the Year in 2011 and 2012.

Since stepping down, Zac has remained on the Club Committee in the role of Digital Coordinator, which included overhauling the Club’s website, launching social media channels and development of an online membership system.

Zac’s leadership and skills have been a major asset for the La Trobe University Hockey Club. He takes pride in his work and has taken the club into a new era of professionalism and growth. It is for these reasons that Zac was awarded Outstanding Service at the La Trobe University 2015 Blue Awards.

Outstanding Service
2015 – Zac Martin
2014 – Meryl McGlone
2013 – Lindsay Cook
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2012 – James Blackburn
2012 – Moz Davoli
2012 – Andrew Glide
2011 – Michael Wilcox
2010 – Sarah Dowling
2009 – Belinda ‘Gus’ Blackburn
2009 – Travis Dowling
2007 – Greg Van Meeuwen
2006 – Stu ‘Disco’ McCleary
1999 – Belinda ‘Gus’ Blackburn

Sporting Excellence
2014 – Xavier McBain (Half Blue)
2011 – David Usher (High Achiever University Community)
2006 – Warrick Oliver (Full Blue)
2006 – Rosalie Ballard (Full Blue)
2004 – Warrick Oliver (Half Blue)
2002 – Rosalie Ballard (Full Blue)
1997 – Mary Dobson (Full Blue)
1997 – Luke Kilmartin (Full Blue)
1997 – Ilana Sparnon (Full Blue)
1982 – Ranjit Singh (Full Blue)
1981 – Sue Howard (Full Blue)
1980 – Rohani Paimin (Full Blue)
1971 – John Murray (Full Blue)
1969 – Shaffrudin Bin Hashim (Full Blue)

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